July 22, 2024

Alfresco tips and tricks – #3 Setting up Clustering in 4.2.

Alfresco clustering setup has been facilitated starting from the 4.2 version. The Alfresco server cluster consists of the two following base architectural components:
– Database server
– Shared Content store, for example, NFS server

Starting from 4.2 the JGroups and EHCache libraries are deprecated in favor of the new Hazelcast framework (a new open source “in-memory data grid” solution ). In Alfresco 4.2 to enable the  cluster functionality:
– you must have a Enterprise Cluster Granted license file to copy in the Alfresco installation directory
– you need to edit the alfresco-global.properties adding the following property

### Specify a wildcard (for example, 10.50.*.*) or exact (for example, IP
### address of the network interface for clustering to use

Here the log for a 2-nodes cluster joined

INFO  [cluster.core.ClusteringBootstrap] [localhost-startStop-1] Cluster started, name: MainRepository-22665351-647e-49ba-ae01-2328ec254533
INFO  [cluster.core.MembershipChangeLogger] [hz._hzInstance_1_MainRepository-22665351-647e-49ba-ae01-2328ec254533.cached.thread-3] Current cluster members: (hostname: (hostname:


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