July 22, 2024


IMG_0055GALLIPOLI my land. The city where I was born and raised, an ancient Ionian seaside town where history and culture join on popular traditions and celebrations. Someone once said “Gallipoli is like a siren on a rock in the sea … enchants people’s hearts.

You have just to prick up ears to listen the comments of the huge amount of tourists who flock Gallipoli in the summer. The recurring sentence is always the same: “Gallipoli is beautiful!
Unfortunately, today Gallipoli is victim of an unscrupulous and savage tourism which has marred the genuine beauty she had until the start of 90s. In this page I would to propose a gallery including some of my shots. I posted also a number of references where you can find detailed information about  Gallipoli and its history.

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Gallipoli Old Town

Gallipoli is divided into two parts, the modern and the old town. The old town is located on a limestone island, linked to the mainland by a bridge built in the 16th century. Main sights are: Angevine-Aragonese Castle, Baroque cathedral of Sant'Agata, 14th century walls, Church of St. Francis of Paola (1621), Church of St. Francis of Assisi, built in the 13th century, Church of San Domenico al Rosario (late 17th century), Church of Santa Maria della Purità (1661), Greek Fountain (16th century)

Gallipoli Purità

According to a legend, Gallipoli was founded in ancient times by Idomeneus of Crete. Historically, what is known is that Gallipoli was a city of the Greater Greece, ruling over a large territory including today's Porto Cesareo. The Old Town includes a small bay where is located a beach called "Spiaggia della Purità".

South Wind Coast

Nowadays the most important activities in Gallipoli are based on fishing and tourism. Both cliffs and beaches with a typical white sand, are characteristic of the South Coast of Gallipoli.

North Wind Coast

In past times the economy of Gallipoli was based on the international wine and oil commerce. In the North coast is located the commercial harbour. Gallipoli also boasts a very recently built harbour for private boats, located just steps from the bottom of the main Corso Roma.